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David Stoddard is a composer, songwriter, producer, educator, and music theory nerd based in Minnesota, USA.

He's also a successful songwriter.  He's a Kerrville New Folk winner, and has taken top writing honors at the Minnesota Folk Festival, the South Florida Folk Festival, and the Tucson Folk Festival.  He tours throughout the US and Canada.  Although, admittedly, it doesn't tell you much about his own music (and he's loath to name-drop), it seems like some kind of obligation to let you know that he's performed with a huge number of  lovely people, including Dan Navarro, Leon Russell, Juice Newton, Cheryl Wheeler, Cliff Eberhardt, Drew Nelson, Ronny Cox, David Olney, Beth Wood, Dan Hicks, and Michael Johnson.

He performs using piano, guitar, and accordion.

He writes for film and choir as well, and is available for commissions and custom projects.

"It's not often I hear a songwriter that can write funny and write serious.  David Stoddard is one of the rare ones.  I love his stuff." --John McCutcheon

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