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David has produced a number of collections of musical cues PERFECT for theme songs, montages, and any theatrical/televisual needs you might have.  Let's talk!

Collection 1:

Secret Agents

Americana/funk/roots rock

Collection 2:

Inner Space

Space funk w/expanded tonalities

Collection 3:


70's Style funk with horns and bold synths!

Collection 4:

The Move

Perfect modern commercial syncs.  Get your ads in order.

Collection 5:


Each piece evokes costumes, characters,

intrigue, and mystery.

Collection 6:


A vibrant collection of commercial themes--perfect for your brand!

Collection 7:

Full Cast

A collection of TV themes.  Comedy, Dramedy,
Intrigue, Romance.

Collection 8:

Keep Your Heart Open

A new collection of commercial themes--

with heart, hope, and a little grit.

Collection 9:


Composed for those TV moments that

need a distinctive soundtrack.

Collection 10:


Brooding, gothic TV themes scripted and unscripted dramas.

Collection 11:


Singular themes for nature programs
and documentaries.

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